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Diagnostic Methods

  • Basic Cardiologic Check-up
    – Consultation of risk factors, physical examination.
  • Echocardiography
    – Echocardiographic examination, performed on state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, states the size of heart chambers, function of the heart valves, detects heart function disorders.
  • ECG
  • ECG Stress Test
    – Examins patients heart and circulation functions during physical activity that is simulated on treadmill. Diagnosis of physical conditions, heart beat and blood pressure reactions on increasing workload is performed. ECG is taken during the entire examination and possible arrhytmias or other changes are evaluated.
  • 24hour ECG
    – A portable ECG device is attached to the patient. Data is taken during 24 hours. On the next day the device is detached and data are evaluated. This examination may unmask arrythmias, ischemic changes and other ECG changes that can occur during the course of the day.
  • 24hour blood pressure monitoring
    – A simillar device is attached onto the patient. Blood pressure measurements are taken automatically approximately every 30 minutes during the course of the day and approximately every 60 minutes during the night. On the next day the device is detached and data evaluated.
  • Taking of blood
    – We have a contract with an external laboratory.
  • 24hour emergency service
    – In urgent cases transport to a 24hour intensive care, cathetrisation and surgical department of the faculty hospital guaranteed.
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