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Diagnostic methods

Clinical examination by surgeons and vascular and cardiac specialists.

Health status assessment as well as possible planning and management of further tests and the eventual treatment if necessary.

Diagnostics of the patent foramen ovale (PFO) of the interatrial cardiac septum.

Its patency can be either excluded or calibrated within minutes. Particularly important for stroke patients, divers and frequent flyers.

Clinical and ultrasound diagnostics of the carotid artery disease.

Consultant neurologist available. Additive compulsory tests and/or endovascular treatment or eventual vascular operation arrangement.

Clinical and ultrasound diagnostics of the arterial and venous vascular disease.

Clinical examination and therapy of varicose veins, performed by a vascular surgeon.

Untreated advanced shapes of varicose veins of lower legs result in chronic venous insufficiency. It usually presents as chronic pain, cramps or leg edema and untreated may result in pigmentation, skin atrophy and eventual ulceration.

The up-to-date diagnostic precisement requires ultrasound examination with a state-of-the-art device. This is all available at our clinic.

The common therapy includes compressive stockings and possible sclerotherapy, i.e. injection treatment with a special solution distributed into the dilated veins. In selected cases and advanced forms one-day surgery may be offered, including mini-invasive radioablation, laser therapy or surgical removal of the affected venous segments.

Operative therapy of advanced cases will be performed at the renowned Department of Vascular Surgery of the Na Homolce Hospital in Prague.

All the diagnostic and treatment procedures are fully covered by Czech public insurance.

Consultations by cardiologist (Michaela Hoňková, MD) available at the clinic. Arrangement of preoperative testing possible, AVICENA-KARDIOLOGIE, INTERNA s.r.o., Na Struze 6, 11000 Praha 1.



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